Precision CNC Machining

Aerotech Engieering has the capability to meet the strict demands of the industries we serve. Our state-of-the-art CNC technology enable us to work in a wide range of materials, including high temperature alloys, titanium, stainless steels and aluminum, and to specialize in parts requiring extremely tight tolerances.  We also have an array of support machinery to provide the level of quality and precision our Customers have come to expect.

CNC Turning Centers

Our CNC turning equipment gives us the ability to manufacture components with extremely tight tolerances. We have the capabliity to bore holes as small as 1mm (0.040″) holding tolerances as close as 0.005mm (0.0002″) in a wide variety of materials.

Capabilities: up to 250mm (10.0″) diameter by 300mm (12.0″) length

CNC Machining Centers

Our CNC milling machines have the capability for four- and five-axis machining. They also feature pallet-changers allowing for dedicated setups, minimizing changeover and maximizing productivity. We employ the use of specialized fixtures for multi-piece machining, minimizing tool changing time and improving through-put.

Capabilities: up to 300x450x350mm (12″x18″x14″) cube


Our grinding capabilities include cylindrical OD and ID, surface, through-feed and plunge-feed centerless, and double-disc.  We commonly hold tolerances as close as 2.5 microns (0.0001″).


We have a wide range of deburring capabilities including high-energy vibratory tumbling, grit blasting, buffing and polishing.


Our prototype shop enables us to produce small-quantity production lots using our CNC turning and milling equipment.


We have the capability to produce a wide variety of sub-assemblies that require heading, stamping, flaring, press work, riveting and installation of Heli-Coil® inserts. We also have the capabilities to provide matched-set valve assemblies.