Quality Terms

1. Raw Material
One certification report copy shall support all raw materials on this purchase order, for both the chemical and physical test reports. Each report shall list the following:

Material specification and revision

Heat number and supplier

Results of chemical analysis and physical tests

Aerotech Engineering Job number, part number, P.O. number and quantity

Note: Use raw material from a domestic source unless otherwise noted.

2. Test Report
The supplier shall include with shipment one copy of the test results and/or inspection data required by purchase order. Objective evidence shall consist of records of actual readings taken during final product acceptance, with the dimension and its tolerance, and visual examinations noted.

3. Process Certifications (Vendor Performed)
Supplier shall provide certification of special process(es) performed with each shipment of Goods to Buyer.

Certification(s) shall confirm that the required contractually specified process(es) was/were performed, tested, and meet/met requirements of the applicable process specification(s).

When controlled by specification, the CAGE Code (or processor name/address when CAGE Code is not applicable) of the approved processing facility used shall be identified on the certificate.

The certificate(s) shall include identification and revision of the specification(s) used. Supplier shall retain related process records of tests and inspections performed for at least four (4) years after shipment of Goods to Buyer or as specified elsewhere in this contract.  The related process records shall, upon request, be furnished to Buyer.

4. Certification of Conformance (Signature Required)
Supplier shall include a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) with each shipment for Goods identified on shipping document. If Supplier is not manufacturer (or service provider), a manufacturer’s (or service provider’s) C of C shall also be included in addition to the Supplier’s C of C.

The following shall be included on Supplier’s and/or Manufacturer’s C of C and/or shipping document with each shipment:

Supplier’s name and address and reference to Buyer’s contract number and line item number. (Supplier’s C of C)

Manufacturer’s (or service provider’s) name and address. (Manufacturer’s (or service provider’s) C of C)

Signature or stamp with title of Supplier’s authorized personnel signing the certificate, date of signing, and a statement attesting that Goods provided under this contract conform to all contract requirements. Certificates utilizing secured computer-generated signatures with title of Supplier’s authorized personnel are acceptable.

Part number and dash number (as specified by Purchase Contract (PC)) for each item

Revision level / version (as specified by PC) to which the Goods were manufactured (or serviced) • Traceability information, if required, representative of each item – to include the lot trace (e.g., date, batch, heat) or the individual item trace (e.g., serial number)

When multiple item manufacturers (or service providers) and/or multiple lots are included in one shipment, Supplier shall separate and identify respective manufacturer’s (or service provider’s) lots, and indicate each lot quantity

If goods are Buyer furnished, so indicate on C of C by part number and quantity

Additional documentation requirements defined by the item specification as applicable

5. First Article Inspection
Inspection of a First Article product, manufactured to satisfy this purchase order must be submitted to Aerotech Engineering Quality department prior to the start of production. Notify Aerotech Engineering’s Q.A. department at (562) 809-9088. All assemblies and components shall be manufactured using the same production equipment, procedures, and processes, which will be used in fulfilling the balance of the order/contract.

6. Source Inspection
Products ordered under this purchase order/contract are subject to source verification, in-process and/or final by Buyer’s quality representative at supplier’s facility. Upon receipt, notify Aerotech Engineering’s Q.A. department at (562) 809-9088.

7. Change in Manufacturing Facility Location
Supplier shall notify Buyer in writing of any change to the manufacturing facility location of the contracted part number or assembly.

8. Quality Control
Supplier shall maintain documented quality controls that ensure the conformance of products provided under this purchase order/contract whether manufactured or processed by supplier or procured from subcontractors or vendors. Buyer reserves the right to conduct surveillance at supplier’s facility to determine whether supplier’s quality controls meet the requirements of this clause.

The supplier is responsible for performing or assuring all inspections, tests and calibrations necessary to substantiate that the products or services furnished under this purchase order/contract conform to all requirements.

Records of conformance shall be maintained on file at the supplier’s facility and made available or provided for review by Buyer upon request.

Supplier shall maintain an approved listing of suppliers and supplier certifies that all materials/parts furnished to Buyer are from the original manufacturer or an authorized distributor.

Supplier shall maintain necessary procurement controls, receiving inspection controls, and an effective corrective action system.

Supplier shall maintain controls over nonconforming products including the identification and segregation of defective material.

Supplier shall provide for and maintain adequate control, identification, and segregation of parts/materials.

Supplier shall provide for the proper handling, packaging (including ESD precautions when applicable) and shipment control of products submitted under this purchase order/contract.

Supplier shall identify received parts/materials and maintain traceability to the original manufacturer’s part number, lot number and date code of all electronic and electrical parts, raw material and mechanical parts. If supplier is a distributor, then the original manufacturer’s name and location (city and state) shall be identified within supplier’s shipping documentation.

Upon completion of this purchase order/contract, procurement data and records shall be retained for a minimum of 20 years unless otherwise mentioned.

9. Quality system
Supplier shall maintain a management system in compliance with AS9100, ISO 9001, or equivalent. Buyer reserves the right to conduct surveillance at supplier’s facility to determine whether supplier’s quality management system meets the requirements of this clause.

If no retention is listed on the purchase order, the following applies, record control & retention for 20 years minimum.

Ensure that persons are aware of:

Product or service conformity e.g. individual accountability, requirements, process controls, reporting nonconformance.

Product safety e.g. attention to detail, safety alerts, promoting a safe culture.

Importance of ethical behavior e.g. code of conduct, working relationships, fair treatment, no blame culture.

Aerotech engineering is committed to ensure that its suppliers achieve product or service conformity and product safety. Aerotech Engineering is committed to ethical behavior and expects all its suppliers to conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

Unless otherwise specified on a drawing or purchase order, the latest revision of the process specification at the time of purchase order placement shall apply.

10. Calibration system
Supplier shall maintain a calibration system in compliance with ANSI Z-540, or equivalent. Supplier shall provide a certificate, report of test, or data sheet certifying the date, accuracy of standards used, and the environmental conditions under which the results furnished were obtained for each item calibrated under this purchase order/contract.

11. Report of Nonconforming Goods
Supplier shall maintain a documented process that identifies and controls nonconforming goods and shall take prompt and effective action to correct and prevent recurrence of all nonconformities, including those that occur at Supplier’s subcontractors.

All non-conformances that cannot be reworked to engineering requirements must be reported to Aerotech Engineering on suppliers nonconformance document for approval. Supplier is to suspend nonconforming material until an Authorization to Proceed is issued from Buyer. When a nonconforming item is reworked or repaired, evidence of re-verification/re-inspection is required to demonstrate conformance to requirements.

Shipment of nonconforming goods is not allowed until all records of nonconformance, including cause and corrective action, are closed. Supplier is to request from Buyer an Authorization to Proceed prior to shipment of goods on any open Nonconformance.

Supplier shall notify Buyer promptly by a disclosure letter sent to the Buyer’s Authorized Procurement Representative when a nonconformance is discovered that may affect already delivered goods.

When a nonconformance is determined to exist or is suspected to exist on goods and/or services already provided to Buyer under Contract, Supplier shall provide notice of escapement (NoE) within three (3) business days of when the nonconformance was determined.

If the nonconformance affects safety of flight or is mission critical; Supplier shall immediately provide the NoE Submittal and all required information.


12. Rework/Repair

Supplier agrees to accept all costs, associated with rework, to include removal and/or replacement of the part, unless such work is necessary as a result of errant documentation supplied by the Buyer.


13. Control of Changes

Supplier shall notify Buyer in writing prior to implementation of changes to materials, design details, or baselined manufacturing/test processes that would affect the part or any component part thereof. Upon approval of the change by Buyer, First Article Inspection (full or partial), shall be performed by Supplier in accordance with QC 5 clause, unless specifically waived by Buyer in writing.

14. Shelf Life and Storage Controls

Supplier shall label the limited shelf-life materials/parts specified in this purchase order/contract with the following minimum information: a) Manufacturer’s Name, b) Government, Industry, or Buyer specification to which item is purchased including type and class, c) the date of manufacture or cure date, d) batch number, and, e) storage temperature. The materials/parts shipped under this purchase order/contract will arrive at the Buyer’s facility with at least 75% of the specified shelf life remaining.

15. Key characteristics
This part of assembly has Key Characteristics (KC) or Interface Key Characteristics. Do not alter. KC’s require a 100%-dimensional inspection record.

16. Right of Access
Right of access by the Organization, their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities at any level of supply chain involved in the order and all applicable documented information. All records are to be kept for 20 years or as specified by customer.

17. FOD Prevention Program
Suppliers shall maintain a FOD prevention program in compliance with AS9146, or equivalent.

18. Counterfeit Parts Prevention

Supplier is hereby notified that the delivery of suspect/counterfeit parts is of special concern to Buyer. If suspect/counterfeit parts are furnished under this order or are found in any of the goods delivered hereunder, such items will be impounded by Buyer. The Supplier shall promptly replace such suspect/counterfeit parts with parts acceptable to the Buyer and the Supplier shall be liable for all costs relating to the removal and replacement of said parts. Buyer reserves all contractual rights and remedies to address grievances and detrimental impacts caused by suspect/counterfeit parts.  To further mitigate the possibility of the inadvertent use of counterfeit parts, the Supplier shall only purchase components and parts procured directly from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM)/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), or through the OCM authorized distributor chain. Regardless of the source of procurement, Supplier must provide OCM/OEM documentation that authenticates traceability of the components to the applicable OCM/OEM.

Supplier shall have a documented process in place to segregate and contain the material and notify Aerotech Engineering once a suspect counterfeit part is identified for product being supplied to Aerotech Engineering.

Supplier shall flow down the same requirements described above to its sub-tier suppliers for products being supplied to Aerotech Engineering.

19. Prohibited Materials
The use of tin, zinc, and cadmium is prohibited. Any questions or exceptions to these prohibitions shall be clarified and approved in advanced in writing by the Buyer.

20. ITAR Requirements
ITAR NOTICE: This communication may contain data subject to U.S. export laws. If so, that data subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation, 22 C.F.R. Parts 120-130, cannot be disseminated, distributed or copied to foreign nationals, residing In the U.S. or abroad, absent the express prior approval of Reliant and the U.S. Department of State.