Component Manufacturing Planning Methods
Quality ISO 9001:2000

Quality is built into our processes before manufacturing even starts. At all stages, from preparing a quotation to readying a shipment, our team is focused on assuring the quality of our products. Our initial review of quality requirements and quality planning methods are meticulous. Our process planning methods and manufacturing engineering practices are exact. We use Statistical Process Control to analyze our manufacturing processes, and rigorous inspection for final product acceptance. Our success in integrating these techniques is what distinguishes Aerotech Engineering in the marketplace.

Manufacturing Engineering

The principle philosophy driving our engineering department is continuous process improvement. We strive to find better and more efficient ways to accomplish all aspects of manufacture. Aerotech engineers combine many years of real world, shop floor experience with the latest CAD/CAM software to design processes that match our Customer’s specifications and meet the technical feasibility of each part.

Quality Planning

The quality planning process begins as soon as a purchase order is received. All aspects of each job are reviewed to account for every step of the manufacturing process and to insure that all requirements can be met before process design and manufacturing begin. In this way, we can assure our Customers that their orders will be completed to the highest standards.


Our team of fully trained and qualified inspectors uses the latest equipment to insure all product is fully certified and traceable per Customer requirements, including records of manufacturing, special processes and raw materials.


Aerotech Engineering is certified to ISO 9100-2008 and in the process of obtaining the AS 9100 Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) certification, the premium standard for the aerospace industry. We are also a certified supplier to many Fortune 500 companies and OEMs.

Gage Control

We have a vast inventory of gages to meet a wide range of part configurations. To insure the high precision and tight tolerance machining of even the most difficult-to-manufacture parts, we have the necessary equipment to perform in-house calibrations for compliance with National Institute of Standards.